Vacuum Can Seamer

To enhance the vacuum level inside the can and extend the shelf life of canned products (up to 24 months or more), our series of Can Seamers are equipped with vacuum pumps for vacuum extraction. To increase sealing speed, the Vacuum Can Seamer pre-seals the can and lid before entering the vacuum chamber of the seamer. Then, it performs vacuum extraction inside the vacuum chamber. This series of Can Seamers uses a design where the can body remains stationary while the seamer head rotates, reducing spillage of the can's contents. Additionally, the use of two first-stage and two second-stage sealing operations improves the stability and quality of the seal.

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Equipment Advantages:

1. Can Lid Interlock Device:
When a filled can enters, it should be paired with a lid. In cases where a can without a lid enters, the seaming head's copper disc is equipped with a limited device that allows the can body to be seamed without a lid, preventing any can jamming incidents.
2. Automatic Stop Device for Machine Faults:
During operation, if a fault occurs in any part of the machine, or if a can lid gets stuck, the clutch inside the main shaft gearbox will automatically disengage, triggering the travel switch to stop the machine quickly.

Product Specification:

Seaming Stations111
Pre-Sealing Stations400
Cans Per Hour3000 - 60001200 - 16801800 - 2700
Cans Per Minute50 - 10020 - 2825 -45
Can DiameterΦ52.5-99mmΦ153mmΦ153mm
Can Height55 - 133mm100 - 173mm100- 265mm