Premium Can Seamer

The (Premium) Can Seamer is designed, processed, and assembled entirely based on the structure of well-known branded products (from Taiwan) in the industry. It features an automatic oiling function for the can seamer, changing the unstable operation and unreliable quality of the original domestic can seamers. It is a preferred product for mid to high-end customers in the domestic market. The number of sealing heads for the machine are: 6 or 8, with a production speed range from 400 to 600 cans per minute.

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Equipment Advantages:

1. Dual-Axis Structure: The can seamer uses a dual-axis structure where the feed amounts of the first and second stage rollers can be adjusted and controlled independently.
2. Heavy-Duty Central Bearing: The main bearing of the can seamer is a heavy-duty bearing, with key heavy loads using imported bearings, which extends the equipment's lifespan and stability.
3. Precision Gear Processing: The gears in the can seamer's head and other key parts undergo precision gear grinding, enhancing equipment life and reducing operational noise.
4. High-Quality Components: Equipped with top-quality parts such as Siemens PLC, touchscreen, Delta frequency converter, AIRTAC electromagnetic valve, Omron proximity switch, and other high-quality configurations.
5. Convenient Operation: Production speed can be set on the touchscreen as per requirements, with automatic PLC fault alarm.

Product Specification:

Seaming Stations6
Cans Per Hour6000- 27000
Cans Per Minute100- 450
Can DiameterΦ52.5-99mm
Can Height92 - 133mm

Optional Configurations:

1. The seamer is equipped with a steam injection structure to enhance the vacuum inside the can.
2. 304 stainless steel frame and head.