Liquid Filling Machine

The fully automatic liquid filling machine features filling heads equipped with the most advanced Italian stainless steel filling valves. This design is not only simple but also allows for individual adjustment of the filling volume for each head, ensuring precise filling accuracy. The machine utilizes a direct air expulsion method for quick and stable filling. Its quick-install structure greatly facilitates cleaning and disassembly.

This machine is ideal for filling a variety of non-carbonated beverages, especially suitable for topping up canned products that contain added solids. It can compensate for any variance in the weight of the solids, making it one of the most advanced automatic filling machines in the Chinese market.

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Equipment Advantages:

1. High-quality components: Siemens PLC, touchscreen, Delta inverter, Airtac solenoid valve, Omron proximity switch, and other premium configurations.
2. Convenient operation: Production speed can be set on the touchscreen as required, with automatic alarm for PLC faults.

Product Specification:

Seaming Stations121836
Cans Per Hour3000 - 72006000 - 120009000 - 24000
Cans Per Minute50 - 120100 - 200150 - 400
Can DiameterΦ52.5-99mmΦ52.5-99mmΦ52.5-99mm
Can Height92 - 133mm92 - 133mm92 - 133mm

Optional Configurations:

304 stainless steel frame.