Premium Non-Carbonated Beverage Can Filling and Sealing Monoblock

The High-End Non-Carbonated Beverage Can Filling and Sealing Unit is meticulously designed, processed, and assembled following the structural principles of renowned brand products from Taiwan. This machine features an automatic lubrication function for the sealer, significantly enhancing operational stability and reliability compared to domestic counterparts. It represents an ideal choice for mid to high-end customers in China. This series offers configurable options with filling heads available in 36 or 55, and sealing heads in 6 or 8, achieving production speeds ranging from 400 to 600 cans per minute.

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Equipment Advantages:

1. Key parts of the seamer implement automatic oiling at set intervals.
2. The seamer adopts a dual-axis structure: The feed amount of the first and second stage rollers can be adjusted and controlled independently.
3. The central spindle bearing of the seamer is a heavy-duty bearing: Key heavy load points use imported bearings, extending the equipment's service life and stability.
4. The seamer's head and other key parts' gears undergo precision grinding, increasing the equipment's lifespan and reducing operational noise.
5. High-quality components: Siemens PLC, touchscreen, Delta inverter, Airtac solenoid valve, Omron proximity switch, and other premium configurations.
6. Convenient operation: The production speed can be set on the touchscreen as required, with automatic alarm for PLC faults.

Product Specification:

Seaming Stations68
Filling Stations3655
Cans Per Hour18000 - 2700018000 - 36000
Cans Per Minute300 - 450300-600
Can DiameterΦ52.5-99mmΦ52.5-73mm
Can Height115 - 160mm115 - 160mm

Optional Configurations:

1. The seamer is equipped with a steam injection structure to improve the vacuum inside the can.
2. The filling machine's material cylinder adopts bottom feeding to reduce foam formation.
3. The filling valves of the filling machine support CIP (Clean-In-Place) automatic cleaning without disassembly.
4. 304 stainless steel frame and seamer head.